Cabela's Heated Performance Fleece Vest - $89.88

Cabelas Heated Performance Gear Gerbings patented Microwire heating technology that provides warmth to strategic locations in the chest and back. This technology gives you warmth without adding extra bulk, letting you wear the vest over a single layer for a little added warmth or zip it under your jacket as another layer. You control the temperature by simply adjusting the microprocessor controller built right into the battery pack. Full-zip front, vertical chest pocket and two side pockets. Includes a powerful, yet lightweight 4-oz. rechargeable 7.4-volt lithium-ion battery pack and charger. 100% Polartec Classic, anti-pilling fleece. Hand wash and hang dry only. Battery is rechargeable for over 500 cycles. Battery needs to stay dry to work properly. Lifetime guarantee on electrical when proper care is given. Includes battery and charger. Single battery charges in 3 hours and two batteries charge in 6 hours. Imported.Sizes: S-2XL.Color: Black. Approximate Battery Run Time/Heat Output 7.4-Volt Lithium Battery 2200MAH Setting Heat Output Duration High 100% 135F 2 hours Medium/High 75% 115F 3 hours Medium/Low 50% 105F 5 hours Low 25% 85F 8 hours Hours are calculated at 1.0 amp draw rate - $89.88