Cabela's Deluxe Bowfishing Kit - Multi - $119.99

Take your love of archery and fishing to the next level with this deluxe bowfishing kit comprised of RPM accessories and a Shakespeare reel. The aircraft-grade aluminum Vise reel seat has two locking hex nuts and a heavy-duty friction ring. The incredibly strong Shakespeare Synergy TI-20 spincasting reel comes pre-spooled with 125 feet of abrasion-resistant Monkey Wire. This high-visibility yellow wire is rated at 200-lb. tensile strength and fashioned from the same material as bulletproof vests. Its small diameter means you get 50% more line on your reel and faster line deployment. The ambidextrous, anodized-aluminum Victory arrow rest has 3/4 stainless steel mounting hardware and a tough nylon arrow galley. The Locker arrow-storage system attaches to the riser and secures arrow shafts out of the way. Its stainless steel hardware and rugged nylon construction mean it will serve you well for years to come. The 32 fiberglass Black Mamba arrow shaft has a 1,200-grain weight and high-visibility 5/16 skinny nock, All Point System universal ferrule and three body-point sets include the Super Charger, the Fathom and the Deep Stage 2 (DS2). All three sets have two 1-3/8 stainless steel barbs with hardened, bullet-tip points that resist deformation and increase penetration, with conical tips that have a Rockwell hardness of 62 to eliminate planing on flat-surface contact. The Super Charger body unlocks with a triple twist of the ferrule for easy fish release; the Fathom body has a 17 bend in each barb for superior fish-holding power; and the DS2s barbs have a smaller diameter for incredible penetration. Super Charger and DS2 have a dual friction-ring design; the Fathom has single friction-ring design. Bow sold separately. Color: Multi. Type: Bowfishing Kits. - $119.99