Cabela's Classic 7-In-One Whitetail Sleeping Bags - $199.88

This durable bag provides the ultimate in warmth and versatility. Sleep comfortably in temperatures ranging from -40 F to +65 F. It's seven sleeping systems in one: 1) The fully assembled bag (-40 F); 2) The outer bag with removable quilt (-10 F); 3) The outer bag with inner zip-in bag (20 F); 4) The inner zip-in bag only (35 F); 5) Create a double bag (35 F using outer bag on bottom and zip-in inner bag on top; 0 F using outer bag on bottom and the removable quilt on top); 6) Inner bag with sheets opened up for a double bag (65 F); or 7) Use the removable quilt as a comforter or wrap (25 F). Outfitter Loft insulation. No. 10 self-repairing zippers, full-length draft tube on the zip-out bag; built-in roll straps on the outer cover; and 15.5" x 39.75" duffel bag for easy transport. Heat-transfer deluxe whitetail logo. Imported.Dimensions: 40"W x 85"L.Comfort range: -40 to +65 .Carry weight: 23 lbs. Carry bag size: 15.5"W x 39.75"L. - $199.88