Cabela's Barrel Blaster Muzzleloader Lubes And Solvents - $1.88

Cabela's Solvents and Lubes are engineered to make muzzleloader cleaning easier than ever.Available:Barrel Blaster Foaming Bore Cleaner Spray foam cleaner in your barrel, let it sit for an hour, then swab it out.Barrel Blaster Rust Prevent Spray Prevents rust and corrosion on your firearm. 2-oz. spray bottle. Barrel Blaster Fill-R-Up Bore Cleaner The ultimate reusable cleaner: fill the bore, let stand 5 min., pour solution back in bottle, swab bore. Barrel Blaster Solvent Spray Spray it on a patch or brush and run it through the gun barrel to remove fouling. Barrel Blaster Quick-Clean Patches Presaturated cleaning patches for quick-and-easy barrel cleaning.Barrel Blaster Rust Prevent Patches A great final pass-through cleaning patch for rust and corrosion prevention.Barrel Blaster Parts Soaker Immerse breech plugs, nipples and other small muzzleloader parts in cleaner to break up caked-on fouling.Rust Inhibitor Plug Put one in every gun while in storage to keep barrel from rusting. - $1.88