Cabela's Aquaglow Creature Bait - $0.88

Creature Bait combines the characteristics of a lizard bait with the claws of a crawfish. Can be pitched into heavy cover or used on a Carolina rig. AquaGlow baits produce a fish-alluring glow to stimulate strikes in low light and stained water conditions. Each is salt impregnated, triggering a fish's natural response to attack and hold on. They are also garlic impregnated to mask fish-spooking odors. Per 8. Size: 4-3/4"Colors: (006)Chartreuse Pepper, (007)Baby Bass, (025)Red Bug, (027)Watermelonseed, (036)Junebug, (038)Pumpkinseed, (041)Salsa, (042)Electric Grape/Blue Flake. - $0.88