Cabela's Alaskan Guide Pluton Iii Black Charger By Powertraveller - $109.88

Charge most phones and devices anywhere with the Alaskan Guide Pluton III Black solar charging station by PowerTraveller. Military-grade nylon pouch secures all pieces. Pouch made in USA.Color: Black.Includes:Pluton III Charge your smartphone twice or GPS or mobile phone three times with an internal battery that recharges itself from the onboard solar panels in 12 hours or less. Partially charges an iPad and tablet. It continues to charge your electronic devices even in low-light conditions, thanks to Maximum Power Point Tracker technology. Battery also recharges from a USB port or international main charger (not included). Built-in voltage sensor regulates required charging voltage. Water- and shock-resistant. Case is made of military-grade injection-molded, fiber-reinforced composite plastic that is acid-, oil- and ultraviolet-resistant.Three USB Adapters A collection of three tough, flexible and tangle-free cables that enable you to charge or sync devices via a USB. Youll find a cable in the set thats compatible with iPads, iPhones, iPods, smartphones, standard mobiles, GPS units, Sat Navs, e-readers and more.Dimensions: 6.7H x 3.78W x 9D.Weight: .58 lbs.12-Volt/USB Adapter Convenient on-the-go charger that supports mobile phones, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs and handheld game consoles. Automatic shut-off feature for when your device is fully charged. Integrated charging intelligence will not drain car battery. Works in 12-volt and 24-volt outlets. iPhone and iPad adapters not included.Dimensions: 5.35H x 4.21W x 3.94D.Weight: 1.41 oz.Charging OptionsCapacitySolarACUSB2,500 mAh33.3Wh6-8 hours6-7 hours6-8 hoursTabletSmartphoneGPSCameras25% up to iPad 3(Depends on model)1-3 Charges1-3 Charges2-4 Charges - $109.88