C Crane CCRadio-2 - $159.95

The premium C Crane CCRadio-2 radio offers Weather band, 2-meter Ham band, FM and long-range AM reception. Audio is optimized for voice clarity and automatically locks onto the highest signal. 7 weather channels alert you to government-issued alerts; 2-meter Ham band is perfect for emergencies when Ham radio operators are often first to broadcast vital information. Radio can automatically scan and search for broadcasts over 5 memories each for Ham, Weather, AM and FM frequencies. Enhanced AM reception comes from the internal, patented Twin-Coil Ferrite(R) antenna; FM, Ham and Weather band reception comes from an external telescoping whip antenna. The C Crane CCRadio-2 radio features a bright and clear LCD display with adjustable brightness and backlight, 5 memories per band and adjustable bass and treble. Features alarm clock, 120-min. sleep timer, stereo headphone jack, line-in and line-out jacks; radio runs on included AC cord or 4 D batteries (sold separately). - $159.95