C.A.M.P. USA Mach Express Dyneema Quickdraw Set - 60cm - Package of 5 - $95.93

Use the 60cm C.A.M.P. USA Mach Express Dyneema(R) quickdraws to reduce rope drag on long, wandering climbing routes. Each quickdraw includes a 60cm-long Dyneema(R) sling that is 8mm wide; slings are very light yet strong. Ultralight Nano 23 carabiner on the gear-end of each quickdraw is 1 of the lightest carabiners available. Full-size Photon Wire carabiners on the rope-ends weigh only 29g each and are easy to clip. Carry the quickdraws clipped to your harness as double draws or sling them over your shoulder. Package includes five 60cm-long Mach Express Dyneema quickdraws. - $95.93