C.A.M.P. USA Dyneema Tri-Cams - Set of 4 - $89.95

The ubiquitous Tri-Cam from C.A.M.P. USA(R) offers true versatility and performance. This comprehensive set is a must for any climber's rack. With a width coverage from 16 - 41mm, this set of four can handle many climber's needs; size ranges overlap for extra convenience. Made from hardened anodized aluminum for lasting service and reliability; sizes are color-coded for easier identification in your rack. Lightweight Dyneema slings offer superb strength to weight and have excellent UV-resistance for low-bulk strength that lasts season after season. When used in passive mode as a chock, Tri-Cam can fit a wide variety of crack types, from flaring to uneven. Camming mode results in a tripod configuration that works well in parallel cracks, slight flares and horizontals. As with all climbing protection, placement and usage practice with guided instruction recommended before use on route. - $89.95