Burton Wmd Full Zip Hoodie Sizzurp - $30.95

Looking to get the best deal possible on your next hoodie purchase? Well if you want the biggest bang for your buck then you have to go reversible. It's like buying two hoodies for the price of one, and that is some serious value right there. This Burton Wmd Full Zip Hoodie is a perfect example of great value in a hoodie. It offers great looks on both sides. It's not one of those hoodies that says its reversible and has a bunch of tags and other things sticking out on the other side. Nope, this hoodie is function-able on both side and offers great looks on both side, so it is truly a great by because you are getting two different options in one.Key Features of The Burton WMD Full Zip Hoodie: 100% Cotton Custom Stripe Ribbing on Cuffs and Bottem Hems Full Zip Kanga Pockets on Allover Print Side Reverse Side is Solid Jersey Body Color Single Welt Pockets on Stripe Side - $30.95