Burton Stiletto EST Snowboard Bindings - $123.95

Riding on the heels of progression, the Stiletto is one of Burtona (TM)s most sought-after bindings, boasting womena (TM)s-specific features throughout for lightweight, feelgood support that follows your curves as you kill it. Canted hi-backs cradle the natural curves of your legs, and FullBED cushioning lays the groundwork for consistent board control. Softer than the Scribe, yet a touch more responsive than the Citizen, the Stiletto delivers a smooth ride thata (TM)s easy to please. Available in two models, mount the Stiletto ESTA(R) to a Burton Channel-equipped board for ultimate flex, feel, and adjustability, or go with Re:Flexa" and ride the Stilettoa (TM)s with any board in the shop.* Response: 4 * Women's-Specific True Fit Design * Baseplate: Single-Component Lightweight, Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate EST * Hi-Back: Single-Component Canted Hi-Back with MicroFLAD * Straps: Lushstrap and Primo Capstrap * Buckles: Smooth Glide Buckles * Cushioning: Removable ShredBED 2.0 Cushioning System * Rides Exclusively with Burton Boards Featuring The Channel - $123.95