Burton Scribe Hoodie Milimint - Men's - $23.95

Hate hoodies with zippers? Well then this Burton Scribe Hoodie should be perfect for you. There are no zippers so that mean nothing can break, and your hoodie should last you for quite some time. Usually the zipper on a hoodie breaks and that's the end of wearing that hoodie. Well with a class pull over hoodie you don't have to worry about that. Plus without a zipper there's no place for that chilly wind and air to leak into your body. This burton hoodie keeps it simple while making it look great. I've never seen such a simple design look so great on people. It will give you the warmth you need on those cooler nights and days, you will be a happy and warm customer with the purchase of this sweatshirt.80% cotton/20% poly heavyweight hoodie. - $23.95