Burton Q-Kit - $45.00

Burton Q-Kit - Comprising of Burton's do-it-all FBI-6 tool, a medium spike mat, and a rub-down wax kit, the Burton Q-Kit makes sure your snowboard's ready for the next dump. The FBI-6 Tool includes 4 different screwdriver heads, a double ended wrench tool, and a carry case. The rub-down wax kit gives your board a quick parking-lot face lift before you get into it. Slap the Q-Kit's medium-sized spike mat onto your board so you don't end up in the newbie pile-up at the top of the lift. . Model Year: 2009, Product ID: 153141, Shipping Restriction: This item is not available for shipment outside of the United States., Product Note: This is a previous season model (2008-2009). - $45.00