Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings - 2012/2013 - $259.95

The soft-flexing Burton Malavita snowboard bindings rock the quarter pipe, clear kickers and land big drops with ease. Hinge technology allows your heels and the baseplates to move independently for a never-before-felt lateral flex. Mimicking the biomechanical movements in skateboarding, the Hinge flexes dynamically with your legs for increased foot roll and more powerful ollies. 30% short-glass/nylon composite baseplates enhance response and power without sacrificing the mobility that freestyle riders demand; reground materials reduce waste. Removable AutoCANT SensoryBED(TM) dual-density EVA cushioning lets your boots settle into a more natural position; B3 gel cushioning eats up vibration and impact. With AutoCANT underfoot you'll enjoy improved comfort, reduced fatigue and smoother, more direct board control-no matter what your stance width or angles are. Extendable toe ramps reduce toe drag and increase responsiveness. Canted Living Hinge(TM) Zero Lean highbacks eliminate hardware to reduce weight, and let you adjust forward lean and highback rotation independently of each other. Riders who prefer a more playful and relaxed feel will dig the zero forward lean; you can still choose to crank highbacks forward on the fly without tools. Reinforced rubbery material on the inside of highbacks wraps and hugs your boots; run your ankle straps a little looser and still get lightning fast turning response. Improve heel-edge response by running your highbacks parallel to your board's edges. Asym Superstrap ankle straps feature a laterally supportive asymmetric shape for powerful drive; they can be reversed if you prefer greater mobility. Gettagrip capstrap toe straps feature a slim, 3D design; rubber material grips boot toes for a secure, locked-down fit. Durable Smooth Glide(TM) buckles deliver buttery-smooth and reliable ratcheting power season after season. - $259.95