Burton Lo-Back Snowboard Bindings - $96.76

Hopping straight outta Doc's Delorean from the land of flannels, t-bolts, and Stumpies, the Lo-Back is here to shred freestyle's future with the ultimate in boned-out hyper-mobility. Now lower than ever, and lightened up with a NEW cored out design, the Lo-Back ditches Forward Lean so you can fully filet that stalefish. We also plushed this puppy up with wall-to-wall cushioning, a soft and supple baseplate, and straps that let you forget you left the couch.Key Features of The Burton LoBack Sbowboard Bindings: 30% Short-Glass Fiber/Nylon Composite Dual-Component Smooth Glide Buckles Dual-Density EVA Heel Cushioning Gapless Baseplate Padding Lo-Back Single-Component Superstrap Ultra Capstrap - $96.76