Burton Family Tree Spliff Splitboard - 2012/2013 - $699.95

Super tight trees and deep pow are no match for the revolutionary Burton Family Tree Spliff splitboard. Sized shorter than tradtional splitboards, it conquers any terrain without sacrificing float. S-Rocker(TM) applies a unique contour to the Spliff; entry rocker extends from the nose to under your front foot, and then transitions to camber between the feet. Compressing the camber causes the entry rocker to naturally lift the nose, improving float while maintaining speed through deep-driving pow turns and variable conditions. Surface area at the tip and tail contact points is lengthened to improve edge-hold, and allows the board to plane easier in powder. Nug Raduction optimizes every element of the board, from flex profile to sidecut, letting you downsize up to 10cm from your normal board length. Nug Raduction boards ride the same as a traditional length board, but offer a surprisingly stable and responsive ride; Burton recommends sizing the Spliff down 10cm. Directional shape concentrates pop in the tail and offers plenty of overall float and control. Wood core is snappy, powerful and durable; dual-zone wood grains, positioned along the toe and heel edges perpendicular to the core, enhance edge hold and add strength. Fiberglass in the topsheet provides versatile flex and response so you can shred everything from big mountain descents to laps in the park. Squeezbox tech transfers energy outwards from under your feet, energizing the tip and tail for added snap when exiting a turn and ollieing. Additionally, Squeezbox creates a stable board that can be powered up and manipulated with less effort. Meaty 10:45 sidewalls optimize 2 different angles to absorb impact for aggressive rider. Pro-Tip(TM) edges are tapered at the tip and tail, reducing swing weight and improving powder flotation. - $699.95