Burton Doom Snowboard Bindings Matte Black - $109.95

Like Skeletor on steroids, the Burton Doom Snowboard Binding is clean and simple, with everything you need, nothing you do not. Strictly trained for freestyle destruction, the Doom is designed to bring shredding's most basic truths to light. Unbreakable strength, ghost-weight, and eternal comfort blood-stained concrete and the violent sound of stomped tricks will not deter this merciless freestyle slayer.Key Features of the Burton Doom Snowboard Bindings: Response: 5 Baseplate: Single-Component 30% Short-Glass Fiber/Nylon Composite Hi-Back: Team Skyback Straps: Superstrap and Ultra Composite Buckles: Smooth Glides Buckles Cushioning: EVA Baseplate Padding and Under-Basep - $109.95