Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard - 2012/2013 - $529.95

The Burton Custom Flying V snowboard blends rocker and camber, giving you the best of both worlds when riding steeps and park features. Rocker between and outside the feet enhances playfulness and float in powder; subtle camber zones underneath feet combine with edge-gripping tech to add pop, snap and power. Burton Channel system offers unlimited, on-the-fly stance adjustability and is compatible with traditional Burton 3D(R) bindings. The Channel lets you fine-tune your stance width to the millimeter; then you'll dial in your toe-to-heel centering and rotate your angles in 1 fell swoop. Lightning Bolt fiberglass energy strands radiate outward from the Channels to the board's edges, providing poppiness and responsiveness without stiffening the board. Wood core is snappy, strong and responsive; wood grain positioned along toe and heel edges is positioned perpendicularly to the core for superior edge hold and strength. Lightweight Carbon I-Beam(TM) riding up the board's spine adds to board's longitudinal snap. Squeezbox tech transfers energy outwards from under your feet, energizing the tip and tail for added snap when exiting a turn and ollieing. Additionally, Squeezbox creates a more stable board that can be powered up and manipulated with less effort. Meaty 10:45 sidewalls optimize 2 different angles to absorb impact for aggressive riders. Triax(TM) Response fiberglass adds versatile flex and response so you can shred everything from big mountain descents to laps in the park. Edges extend out about half a millimeter underneath bindings for tremendous edge hold in hard, icy conditions and are tuned to slice and dice the entire mountain. Pro-Tip(TM) edges are tapered at the tip and tail, reducing swing weight and improving powder flotation. Highly-porous sintered base is ultra durable and has specially formulated wax infused deep into the pores for long-lasting glide. . - $529.95