Burley Flatbed Trailer - $209.27

The Burley Flatbed Bike Trailer lets you tow 100 pounds of gear, food, or roadkill behind your bike like a human-powered semi hauling cargo cross-country. The Flatbeds tough aluminum frame is made for years of battering up and down the coast, and 16-inch wheels smooth out wrinkled pavement like a plastic surgeon. At rides end, just wipe down the tarp bed and fold down the sides, then pop the wheels off to stow the whole kit in your trunk. In fact, we use the Flatbed to ferry cases of full strength beer across the Utah/Wyoming border in the middle of the night to our El Camino, because the state cops never pay attention to bike riders. Even the ones dressed all in black, wearing night vision goggles and carrying crossbows. - $209.27