Buck Commander DVD Series - $11.88

Every installment of the wildly entertaining Buck Commander DVD series delivers laughter, surprises and the heart-pounding excitement of hunting some of Americas finest bucks. Made in USA. Available: Vigilantes - Volume 4 Like a band of renegades, the Buckmen travel across the country chasing the elusive whitetail in Buck Commander 4: Vigilantes. Join this wild bunch of characters as they embark on another series of rifle and archery hunts across the nation; from the Louisiana swamps and the senderos of South Texas to the hardwood bottoms of the Midwest and the mountains of Wyoming. Hang with the Buckmen on the road, at camp and in the blind as theyre once again joined by country music all-stars, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan. The boys have upped the ante once again with their latest pranks, stories and hunting adventures! Buck Commander 4: Vigilantes will have your heart racing and sides splitting from start to finish! New Redemption- Volume 5 Famous music artists, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan join the crew in this latest action packed installment from Buck Commander. 68 minutes. - $11.88