Brunton Resync Rechargeable Battery - $121.00

Free Shipping. Brunton Resync Rechargeable Battery DECENT FEATURES of the Brunton Resync Rechargeable Battery Perfect for demanding USB devices like tablet computers and electronic book readers Compatible with smaller USB devices like smart phones, music players and GPS units Compatible with Brunton Sync Tech enabled headlamps and task lights Water resistant Durable rubberized shell Power gauge and auto shut-off prevents overcharge The SPECS Weight: 10 oz Dimension: 2.7 x 5.7 x 0.9in. Output: 5 volts 2,100 mA USB Input: 5 volt USB or 12 volt DC, compatible with USB-based or 12v Brunton solar panels Capacity: 9000 mA rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery Cell Phone: C 1-2 H/ 9x MP3/iPod: C 1-2 H/ 9x Smart Phone/iPhone: C 1-2 H/ 6x GPS: C 1-2 H/ 6x Electronic Book Readers: C 1-2 H/ 3x Tablet Computers/iPad: C 1-3 H/ 2x Portable Games: C 1-2 H/ 4x Two-way Radios: C 1-2 H/ 4x Point and Shoot Camera: C 1-2 H/ 4x AA/AAA Charger: C 1-2 H/ 4x Battery Type: Lithium Polymer - $121.00