Brunton Nomad V2 Pro Digital Altimeter - 2012 Closeout - $59.73

The Brunton Nomad V2 Pro Digital Altimeter not only supplies an accurate bearing, but also gives weather and altitude reports. Altimeter reports altitude in 1-foot resolution; records 20 ascents to memory with accumulated and max altitude. Barometric weather tracker reports changes in pressure with 0.02 inHg (1 mbar/hpa) resolution. Programmable digital compass provides bearing to 1-degree; adjustable declination for fine-tuned local accuracy. Forward-bearing indicator points direction of travel; off-course indicator prevents deviation. Bubble level for +/- 2deg accuracy. Thermometer displays temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Watch features time/date display, dual time zones and two programmable alarms. Backlit digital display is easy to read in low-light conditions. Features a low-battery indicator; includes one CR2032 3V lithium battery and a neck/wrist lanyard. Closeout. - $59.73