Brake Force One Disc Brake - $449.00

The Disc Brake has seen countless advancements and improvements over its century-old lifespan. However, in recent years, it's been adapted to the mountain bike, and this iteration commonly relies upon motorsports for guidance on everything from technology to materials. And while this trickle-down relationship has brought benefits, a new name in the American mountain bike market, Brake Force One (BFO), is breaking up with motorsports in order to forge a fresh, mountain-specific design to the old disc brake. Hydraulic disc brakes require a reservoir to allow for fluid expansion. Cars have them, motorcycles have them, and well, any device that uses hydraulic disc brakes has a reservoir. That is, any device except BFO's disc brake. Instead, its design uses larger-bored hoses and a radial master cylinder, along with a hydraulic booster, in order to eliminate the need for a reservoir. The hydraulic booster, located inside of the alloy caliper, is a two stage system that, when initially activated by lever movement, quickly engages the pads to the rotor with little effort. This compensates for the wider, noise-reducing and heat-dissipating clearance between the pads and rotors of these brakes. Once in contact with the rotor, resistance switches a valve that activates a secondary, larger piston. The result is more fluid volume being moved for tons of power in a lower pressure system. Ultimately, this requires less effort on your part. In fact, so little effort is needed that BFO's brakes are designed for dedicated one-finger braking. The levers are constructed from a lightweight carbon resin, as is the master cylinder body, and it features a rubber pad for comfort. But, more importantly, this system creates a secure connection between your gloves and the lever. The master cylinder's piston and bore is 2.5 times larger than any other currently available, and between it and the innovative caliper is a new hose design unlike anything else. - $449.00