Booyah Micro Pond Magic - (685)Alpine/ (691)Lightning Bug/ (692)Fire Ant/ (693)Pumpkin Seed/ (713)Wasp/ (714)Locust - $2.99

40-strand, ultrafine Bio-Flex silicone skirt with baitfish and insect patterns. A 3-D red eye adds to the realism. The high-quality, round-bend Mustad hook is tough for fish to shake once hooked. Per each. Size: 1/8 oz. Color: (685)Alpine, (691)Lightning Bug, (692)Fire Ant, (693)Pumpkin Seed, (713)Wasp, (714)Locust. Color: (685)Alpine/ (691)Lightning Bug/ (692)Fire Ant/ (693)Pumpkin Seed/ (713)Wasp/ (714)Locust. Type: Spinnerbaits. - $2.99