Bonfire Bolt Snowboard Boots Black/Yellow - $113.95

Italy is a country of beauty and grace - we have no idea how this bold young buck came outta' our Italian posse's mind. Wild Style! Bonfire boots were designed through a collaboration between Bonfire founder Brad Steward and our Italian based boot design team. Portland based designers Noah Lee and Kate Darnall rounded out the collab, bringing unique graphic and apparel touches to the Bolt, Flame, Geo and Blaze boot styles. Created with the technology and heritage of Salomon's boot design group and Bonfire's 20 years of snowboarding authenticity, one online gear reviewer called Bonfire the best boot launch of the year.Key Features of The Bonfire Bolt Snowboard Boots: Classic fat lace, One Pull quick lace liner Flex type: Medium 5 Full rubber stomp outsole Liner: Feel good liner Autofit foam Extra thick EVA foam cushioned footbed - $113.95