Bolle Gravity Snow Goggles - Men's - $111.93

Bolle Gravity snow goggles boast a photochromic, spherical lens for adaptive, distortion-free vision in varying conditions. Spherical lens shape offers a wide, distortion-free viewable area to ensure you're able to see clearly, even peripherally. Rose-tinted Modulator Vermillon Blue photochromic lens reacts to available light, allowing 66% to 26% visible light transmission for excellent visibility in most conditions. Double-lens construction that creates a thermal barrier between the cold air outside and the air within the goggles helps prevent condensation from forming. Waterproof, breathable vent enables 2-way airflow to maintain ideal air pressure between lenses at any altitude while also helping prevent moisture from condensing. Industrial-strength coating helps prevent fogging and reduces scratches without hindering optics. Specialized ports in frame optimize airflow over the inside surface of lens to reduce fogging. 2 layers of multidensity foam are topped with soft fleece for next-to-skin comfort and a precise fit. Swinging outrigger maintains an excellent fit and even pressure when wearing goggles with a helmet. Bolle Gravity snow goggles fit medium- to large-size faces. - $111.93