Bolle Gravity Polarized Snow Goggles - Men's - $129.95

Bolle Gravity Polarized snow goggles offer high performance that will take you from the crowded runs to stashes others have missed. Spherical polycarbonate lens enhances vision and offers a unique sculpted look. Industrial-strength coating helps prevent fogging and reduces scratches without hindering optics. Specialized ports optimize airflow over the inside surface of lens to reduce fogging. Waterproof, breathable vent eliminates moisture and fog to provide distortion-free vision at any altitude. Soft fleece backed by 2 layers of multidensity foam offers a precise, comfortable fit for your face. Swinging outrigger maintains an excellent fit with helmets. Polarized lens blocks the horizontal component of reflected light, enhancing contrast and helping you stay alert to terrain features and icy patches. Polarized Aurora lens excels during partly cloudy to bright conditions and allows 29% visible light transmission. Includes a microfiber storage bag. Bolle Gravity Polarized snow goggles fit medium and large faces. - $129.95