Bohning Slip-On Arm Guard - Black - $18.99

Through the entire shot sequence, the Bohning Slip-On Armguard protects your forearm. Two integrated plastic stays in this tube-style armguard defend your forearm from string slap. With a comfortable fit, its easy to put on and take off. No hooks, fasteners or noisy straps. Made of sleek compression-fit nylon, the armguards rubber protection piece is incredibly durable yet soft and flexible. Its sewn onto the armguard in recessed channels and has a center cutout for the screen-printed Bohning logo. Also works great for holding back bulky coat sleeves during shooting. Fits over most bulky clothing. Imported. Length: 8. Sizes:S-L. Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Neon Green. Color: Black. Type: Armguards. - $18.99