Boardworks Sirena Stand Up Paddleboard - 10' 4" - $1,199.00

A slim and lightweight women's board with killer looks, the Boardworks Sirena 10 ft. 4 in. stand up paddleboard is designed to make loading up, carrying it to the water and paddling out easy and fun. Ready to supply high stability whether you're just beginning or have mastered the surf, the the Boardworks Sirena 10 ft. 4 in features a 33 in. width. Displacement hull enhances glide, making it easy to get a great workout on flatwater or light chop. Single density, stringerless, hand-shaped EPS core is laminated with epoxy resin and then painted with automotive-grade paint and a polish coat. Single 7 in. fin with 2 side fins enhance tracking. Instead of a finger-shaped slot, an exterior handle makes toting the Sirena more like carrying a duffel bag. - $1,199.00