Boardworks Raven Stand Up Paddleboard - 10' 6" - $1,189.09

The Boardworks Raven 10 ft. 6 in. stand up paddleboard gets you out on the water with a touch of extra speed. Designed to be extra friendly to anyone who's just starting out, the Boardworks Raven 10.6 is ideal for touring, fitness training and recreational racing. Flat rocker, 29.2 in. width and a recessed standing area enhance stability and confidence while you gain experience. Displacement hull enhances glide and makes the Raven ideal for covering distance on flatwater. Bungee system on nose offers a handy place to pack a PFD, extra shell or lunch. Dual-density EPS core is sandwiched to layers of fiberglass and high-quality epoxy using high heat and pressure, then bonded to an eye-catching bamboo veneer. Boardworks calls the process "thermal epoxy compression veneer" construction, and it lends a very responsive feel to the Raven. Single 9 in. fin enhances tracking. Center handle makes transporting the 25 lb. Raven stand up paddleboard easy. - $1,189.09