Boardworks Joy Ride Stand Up Paddleboard - 9' 11" - $926.93

The Joy Ride 9 ft. 11 in. stand-up paddleboard from Boardworks Surf makes it fun to get into the sport of stand-up paddling. Ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a stable ride, the Joy Ride offers a maneuverable length and a stable width that's perfect for flatwater touring or light surf. Flat rocker from nose to tail rides small waves when given the chance and enhances speed when paddling on flatwater. Made out of very tough stuff called acrylonitrile styrene acrylate or ASA, the bottom and rails enhance overall durability of board and resist discoloration from UV light. Soft EVA deck provides comfortable traction underfoot. Center fin with 2 side fins promote straight tracking in the water. Center handle makes transporting the 25 lb. Joy Ride stand up paddleboard a breeze. - $926.93