BMC Streetracer SR01 / Shimano 105 Complete Bike - 2012 - $999.95

If you've been around for a bit, you've probably noticed that the 'initial offerings' from bicycle manufacturers always leave you wanting more. That is until the Swiss-based, Tour-winning powerhouse that is BMC came to town. With its Streetracer SR01/Shimano 105 Complete Bike, you get shared technology from the venerable SLR01, a lightweight and rigid aluminum design, BMC's carbon fiber fork, and a component package that performs evenly across any terrain. The SR01 surpasses all expectations, because after all, BMC only deals in quality. Not one to offer wide gaps in its bicycle fleet, BMC wanted to give the Streetracer SR01 a stiffness-to-weight ratio on par with the Road Racer SL01. So, instead of using an alloy construction as an excuse for inadequacy and lower pricing, BMC not only embraced, but redefined, the process of hydroforming aluminum. Now, BMC is able to conform its proprietary aluminum tubing to shapes comparable to carbon fiber. This not only guarantees an aerodynamic profile, but the frame rigidity is also bolstered. Better yet, BMC's forming process provides these distinct advantage while requiring less material for the production. This equates directly to weight savings without sacrificing vertical compliance. For an example of comparably formed tube shapes, take a look at the down tube and seat tube. At the bottom bracket junction, they're as wide as possible. Ditto with the chain stays, where they connect to the bottom bracket, they're as tall as the shell -- it'd be impossible to go any larger. This increases power transfer efficiency by promoting more torsional and lateral rigidity. Toss a leg over this BMC and expect to feel race-winning power transfer. The Streetracer SR01 employs BMC's Integrated Skeleton Concept (ISC) where the seat stays join the seat and top tubes in a distinctive manner. - $999.95