BMC Road Racer SL01/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike - $2,309.30

While the visual similarities with the previous version are unmistakable, this Road Racer is made entirely from unidirectional carbon fiber rather than being a conglomerate of carbon and aluminum. The full carbon construction makes it equally stiff under power yet stronger and significantly lighter. We have it here as the Road Racer SL01/Shimano Ultegra Complete Bike. It's a race-ready bike and offers more bang-for-your-buck than any other frame in the BMC road racing stable.One of the most distinctive design details on the Road Racer SL01 is the Streampost. From a distance, it might look like an integrated seatmast, but it's not the same thing. The Streampost offers the beauty, the stiffness, and the aerodynamics of an integrated post, yet it has the up/down adjustability of a standard seatpost. The bottom of the post is cut at an angle and has a corresponding hollow aluminum wedge (not unlike an old quill stem) that, together, give the post its grip inside the frame. A carbon fiber cable connects this wedge to the locking bolt at the top of the post. And once the post is perfectly positioned in the frame, you simply turn the locking bolt to hold everything in place -- on/off, it's that easy. And since the Streampost eliminates compressive forces, instead the seat tube is under a small degree of tension when installed, the design plays to the inherent strengths of carbon fiber rather than its weaknesses. As a result, the Streampost is surprisingly light, with thinner carbon fiber walls than what you might expect. This thinness is a function of the fact that the mechanism doesn't exert clamping forces of any kind. The down tube and seat tube of the Road Racer are as wide as the bottom bracket where they mate to it. Ditto with the chainstays -- they're as tall as the bottom bracket shell where they connect. This massive surface area is all about power transfer. - $2,309.30