BMC GranFondo GF01/Shimano Ultegra Di2 Complete Bike - $6,999.00

Trouee d'Arenberg. Mons-en-Pevele. Le Carrefour de l'Arbre. These ancient byways of broken medieval stone that punctuate long sections of over 250 kilometers of road between Paris, France and the Roubaix Velodrome are some of the most storied in all of cycling. Granted, these cobblestone sectors were never intended for bicycles, but that is part of what makes the "Hell of the North" so incredibly epic. It is a singular day in Spring that is much more than a bicycle race; perhaps a professional pilgrimage for its riders. BMC recognized the distinct advantage of giving its pro team riders a tool capable of battling long hours on these fearsome roads, and thus the granfondo GF01 was born. A cursory glance at the granfondo GF01 speaks volumes -- the frame and fork are nothing like anything BMC has produced, yet as a whole, it still carries a distinct BMC flavor in its dramatic tube shapes and seat cluster -- the latter of which is about the only thing that looks even remotely like the BMC flagship race bike, the SLR01. BMC engineers have created zones in each tube (even the seatpost) where the material and shapes are carefully designed to provide a degree of compliance while maintaining the torsional and lateral stiffness you need for uncompromising performance and steering precision. And speaking of 'precision,' the granfondo GF01 headtube houses a massive, tapered 1 1/2-inch lower bearing to keep the bike tracking confidently at speed, regardless of what you're rolling over. All of these frame zones are collectively referred to as BMC's Tuned Compliance Concept, which is essentially intended to maximize vertical compliance while maintaining lateral and torsional stiffness. In other words, easier on bumps, but still extremely stiff when cranking out the watts. Pedaling efficiency is important to the granfondo GF01, but so is reducing rider fatigue on longer parcours. - $6,999.00