BlueWater Assaultline Static Rope - 7/16" x 120' - $94.93

A standard for police and military applications, the low-visibility BlueWater Assaultline static rope is designed for tactical and rescue work. Especially useful in applications where dynamic bounce is unwanted, such as jumaring, rappelling and hauling. Kernmantle design matches a static nylon core (kern) with an abrasion-resistant braided polyester sheath (mantle) for durability. Each of the 16 sheath strands is essentially a small 3-strand rope, which work together to provide excellent abrasion- and cut-resistance under loads. Each core strand is individually twisted into a small 3-strand rope before the sheath is braided over; this design elongates slightly in the event of accidental shock loading. Sheath design permits easier tying and untying of knots than some other static lines. Rope diameter is 7/16 in. (11.3mm), with a length of 120 ft. (36.58m). - $94.93