Blueseventy Fusion Wetsuit - $294.95

Falling near the middle of the Blueseventy wetsuit line, the Fusion Wetsuit takes the key attributes of both the Helix and Reaction, and combines them into a far more affordable package. You still retain a full Yamamoto neoprene construction, SCS coating, and some of the thinnest, most flexible arms in the business. However, where the suits differ really only comes down to select cell densities and a touch of torso flexibility. Blueseventy produced the Fusion with a buoyancy ratio of 3-4-4. This means that the cell density of the suit's buoyancy sectors varies throughout its construction, from 3mm to 4mm. At the chest, you'll find a lateral panel of 3mm Yamamoto neoprene. Additionally, the torso runs 4mm down to the lower legs. This maximizes buoyancy by keeping the hips high in the water, creating an efficient, 'downhill' swimming position. At the lower legs, where articulation is less frequent, you'll find that Blueseventy incorporated a 4mm Yamamoto neoprene. So, you might be asking yourself, why is any of this important' Well, just as curvy, sleek shapes minimize your drag coefficient on land, a wetsuit's level of buoyancy is the minimizing variable in the water. The supporting science behind this claim is fairly elementary -- water is around 1000 times denser than air, and it produces a potential drag coefficient 10 times that of air, as well. So, minimizing your body's submergence is vital to optimizing hydrodynamics. Accordingly, Blueseventy awarded the Fusion with a maximum thickness that nears the IFR limit of 5mm. Additionally, by placing 4mm panels along the back of the hips, you'll experience less body roll through your stroke, maximizing the efficiency of your movements. However, buoyancy amounts to nothing if your flexibility is inhibited by dense neoprene. And, not surprisingly, this is where the Fusion truly shines. In fact, you'll find that the Fusion features a thin 1. - $294.95