Blizzard Samba Skis - Women's - 2012/2013 - $566.93

Launch off the lip and find an rhythm all your own with the Blizzard Samba skis. Blizzard Samba skis excel off the beaten path, but they'll also lay down fast turns on groomed runs if given the chance. Wood core is constructed like a sandwich, layers upon layers of CNC-milled strips reinforce each other to create a lightweight, snappy ski with smooth and easy handling. Tip-and-tail rockered skis are constructed using a specialized technique called Flipcore that maximizes the natural flex of the ski materials. Instead of putting a ski together with standard camber and then pressing it into a rockered shape, Blizzard builds the skis into the finished shape before it is pressed. The standard shape of a cambered wood core is "flipped" upside down to naturally match the rockered shape of the finished skis. This results in equal and consistent pressure during construction and a noticeable difference how the skis perform. In brief, Flipcore rocker reduces the floppiness and chatter of skis on hard snow at high speeds and enhances the skis performance in soft snow. Slight camber underfoot assists with grip on hardpack. Fiberglass reinforcement laid in 4 separate directions increases snappiness and power underfoot. Sidewalls offer direct power transmission, resulting in quick side-to-side response. Requires bindings with wide brakes. Base or topsheet color may vary from online photo. - $566.93