Blizzard Bushwacker Skis - $399.93

Blizzard Bushwacker Skis - The Bushwacker offers a rockered choice to the hard charging, hard carving skier who splits their time evenly between on and off trail. Starting with an 88mm waist the Bushwacker rails carve and transfers energy very quickly on hard packed and has enough width to feel comfortable off trail with the ability to float in light powder and charge in crud and heavier snow. The nimble and quick feel to the Bushwacker is due in large part to Blizzard's new Flipcore technology. Basically they build the ski upside down so what would normally be camber in a ski becomes the rocker and you are left with a smooth distribution of pressure and enormous edge hold and quickness with all the float and freedom of having a ski with tip and tail rocker. To give the Bushwacker the power to make the most out of the Flipcore it gets a full sandwich sidewall construction with two sheets of titanium. This leaves the Bushwacker very stiff torsionally with a medium stiff flex tip to tail and huge pop, pretty much a wide race ski with rocker. However the Bushwacker is not a overly difficult ski to ski, the Flipcore makes for easy turn initiation, the whole feel of the ski is very stable, and the turn shape is very intuitive following where you look. On top of that there is not a speed too quick or too slow for the Bushwacker so it is great for aspiring chargers up to aggressive all mountain rippers who split their time evenly between on and off trail. . Tip/Waist/Tail Widths: 128/88/110mm, Actual Turn Rad - $399.93