Blackburn Tech Fluid Trainer - $179.97

Blackburn's Tech Fluid Trainer uses fluid to sculpt a resistance curve that ramps up as your rear wheel speed increases. And just as you'd shift into a higher gear out on the road to get a greater workout, you'll do the same here. The beauty of the Tech Fluid Trainer is its simplicity. Unlike the Tech Mag Trainer, this one is free from remote cables that can complicate easy-in-or-out trunk storage when you pack it up to take it to the races for your warm-ups.One thing we like about Blackburn Trainers is that they place the bike a bit lower to the ground than some other trainers we've used. Think about it like thisthe lower your bike, the easier it is to get on and off. Plus, stability is improved with the lower center of gravity. Blackburn combines this with a wide footprint to make them stable enough to withstand all-out sprint workouts without fear of rocking the trainer off kilter. The Tech Fluid Trainer has swing-out legs that are truly adjustable, like overbuilt versions of the leg adjusters on your nice camera tripod. So even if you set it up on an uneven sidewalk at the local criterium, you can level the trainer and your bike in a matter of seconds. The interface with the rear skewer is also improved over other trainers. Blackburn machines a taper on their cones so they'll fit more easily into cavity-style dropouts, ensuring a solid purchase on the ends of the skewer assembly.Rather than a lever throw to tighten the trainer against the rear skewer, Blackburn uses their FastCrank system. Both sides use threaded rods that run through the trainer frame, allowing you to center the rear wheel easily. However, the right side uses a short crankarm to facilitate a quick setup when you place the bike on the trainer. Once your left side is set, the bike can be held in place and the FastCrank snugs the skewer in place. - $179.97