Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet - $44.96

The Half Dome helmet is a cool looking, low-profile helmet that combines a rigid shell with a webbing suspension system. Without obscuring your vision, the sculpted shell offers maximum head coverage and protection. The suspension system offers great comfort and contributes to good ventilation because there is ample room for heat to escape. To Fit a variety of different head sizes, a foam-padded crown strap is easily adjusted using a Velcro closure system. You can take the Half Dome Climbing anywhere on rock or ice and you might make it halfway home before you realize you're still wearing it. Features of the Black Diamond Half Dome Helmet Hybrid design with molded EPS foam, generous ventilation and Highly adjustable suspension system Suspension's custom wheel adjuster allows for improved fine-tuning of Fit Headlamp clips Are the most secure headlamp attachments on the market Available in 2 sizes The most durable helmet Black Diamond makes - $44.96