Black Diamond Digital Liner - $35.99

The Black Diamond Digital Liner is an electronic glove for getting texts right on the back of your hand. Hahaha, I'm so sorry, that was a joke. They definitely Aren't electronic nor will you be able to see your texts on the back of your hand, but they will provide windproof protection for your two very useful hands. Not only that, but the thumb and finger tips feature a conductive material, for all the touch-screen capability you could possibly imagine. Warm hands and checking your texts Are a total possibility in these gloves. Gore Windstopper; Edge shell fabric is ready to take on the cold for you. Sorry again about that mean joke in the beginning. Features of the Black Diamond Digital Liner Gore Windstopper Edge shell for lightweight wind protection Goat leather palm patch YKK digital thumb and finger tips use a conductive material for touch-screen functionality - $35.99