Black Diamond Big Gun Harness - $89.96

The Black Diamond Big Gun Harness is a comfortable Climbing harness for big wall action. The wide waistbelt and leg loops Are all about spreading your weight over a larger surface Area, making hanging in the harness for long periods of time that much more comfortable. Additionally, the bullhorn shaped waistbelt Features thermoformed foam to add to the comfort. Thanks to easy-to-use trad buckles, getting in and out of the harness as well as adjusting is super simple and fast. When it comes to racking, you've got seven gear loops to choose from, which Are also color coded for ease. Now that's what I'm talking about. Time for some vertical action. Features of the Black Diamond Big Gun Harness Thermoformed foam bullhorn waist belt with trad buckle Adjustable, removable leg loops 7 color-coded customizable gear loops 2 color-coded belay loops and 12 kN-rated haul loop Left or right holster slots with one hammer holster included - $89.96