Black Diamond Aspect Harness - $59.96

The Black Diamond Aspect Harness is a Climbing harness that's up for Climbing in all four seasons. Whether you like to focus on ice and alpine in the chill of winter and dabble in sport climbs during the warmer months, or if it's the other way around, and even further if you just go at any climb in any season, the Dual Core XP Construction keeps your comfort and safety at top priority. The Speed Adjust buckles at the waist and leg loops Are simple and quick, locking you in and won't let go until it's time to step out of the harness. Bombshell abrasion patches keep the harness sturdy and looking good day in and day out. Rack up using the four pressure-molded gear loops and add additional gear with the ice clipper slots. Layer up, strip down to shorts or throw on something in between, 'cause this harness is ready for spring, summer, fall and winter. Features of the Black Diamond Aspect Harness Pre-threaded Forged Speed Adjust waistbelt and leg loop buckles Forged construction allows for raised side rails on the buckles that help prevent webbing abrasion over time The upturned baseplate on buckles allows for easier lift when loosening the buckle Rear kick down on the top plate prevents slippage while Climbing on the buckles Bullhorn-shaped waistbelt and leg loops built with Dual Core XP Construction 4 Pressure-molded gear loops and 12 kN-rated haul loop Bombshell abrasion patches Are 20 times more durable than standard nylon fabric 4 Ice Clipper slots - $59.96