Birchwood Casey Darkotic Targets - Smoke (DARKOTIC COMBO) - $14.99

Put a new twist on your target practice by taking on an army of malevolent mutants! Each Birchwood Casey Darkotic Target depicts a fiendish foe ready to do you in unless your bullets put an end to the attack. The full-color targets use Birchwood Caseys hallmark hit technology to create a bright halo around each bullet strike so you can clearly see every hit. Its a fun and different way to hone your shooting skills. The targets can also be used to make a cool poster and show off your marksmanship when you get home. Per 8. Made in USA. 18H x 12W. Available: Smoke House, Blood Trail, Drain Pipe, Darkotic Combo. Size: DARKOTIC COMBO. Color: Smoke. - $14.99