Big Jon Diver Disk - Green (MINI DISK) - $9.99

Add depth to your lure presentations with the Big Jon Diver Disk. It features a low visual profile so it wont spook fish. Plus, it will even correct the position of your lures. Just set the nose weight on center and the diver will run straight behind the boat. Set it off center and the diver will run to the side. Simply tie your lure and 4 ft. of leader to the clip at the rear of the diver, then tie the fishing line coming from your rod to the clip at the divers top its doesnt get any easier. And when a fish takes your lure there is no need for line release. The diver disk is pulled straight in line so there is no water resistance to deal with and youre only fighting the fish. Per each. Colors: Red, Green, Black. Size: MINI DISK. Color: Green. Type: Divers. - $9.99