Big Foot Mallard Field Decoys - $199.88

Long known for their rugged, realistic honker decoys, Big Foot now offers those same advantages to duck hunters with a line of full-body mallards. Art Ladehoff designed, carved and feathered these field decoys with painstaking attention to detail. Highlights include three different body styles, lifelike paint schemes and iridescent heads. Tri-Fold motion base system has a wider tripod base and dual flex cords for stability and motion. One-piece, rugged polyethylene construction ensures durability. 12-pack set includes four feeders (two hens, two drakes), six uprights (four drakes, two hens) and two looker drakes. All decoys measure approximately 22L x 7W. A 12-slot decoy bag (42L x 15W) is also included for easy transport and protection.Decoy dimensions: 22L x 7W.Bag dimensions: 42L x 15W.Set includes: Four feeders (two hens/two drakes) Six uprights (two hens/four drakes) Two lookers (one hen/one drake) - $199.88