Big Foot Decoys Big Foot Full-Body Canada Goose Decoy Variety Pack - $229.99

Big Foot full-body decoys dont imitate a live bird, their striking 3-D realism completely duplicates one. And the flocked heads wont reflect the suns glare, adding even more realism to pull large flocks into range. Made of durable polyethylene to stand up to extreme cold without becoming brittle or cracking, the bodies perfectly mimic the intricate feather detail and posture of a real goose. A patented oversized leg and foot system assembles into one piece without ground stakes. All detailed areas are hand-painted with tough, no-fade paint for a true feathered appearance. The basic colors are molded-in to ensure years of service. Decoys measure 34L x 26H x 11W. The imposing Bull Decoys were inspired by the big ol ganders seen watching over the flock. A Bull Decoy is 27L x 31H x 12W. Includes: 3 feeders, one upright, one resting, and one bull. Type: Canada Goose Decoys. - $229.99