Big Bite Baits Coontail Worm - BLUE FLECK (4 3/4") - $2.88

Designed by professional bass angler, Russ Lane, this signature bait has a unique body with center core waves. This design allows it to be rigged for the hook point for maximum action, and makes the bait easier to set, especially in areas of heavier coverage. Per 7.Size: 4.75.Colors: (001)Watermelon Red Flake, (002)Green Pumpkin, (003)Tilapia, (006)Watermelon Red Magic, (007)Blue Fleck, (008)Green Pumpkin/Texas Red, (009)Green Pumpkin/Blue Swirl, (010)June Bug. Type: Worms. Size 4 3/4". Color Blue Fleck. - $2.88