Bic Trinidad Kayak Blue - $663.95

The Trinidad is a kayak purpose built for leisure: compact, capable of taking two adults and a child on board. It's highly versatile and stable making it suitable for all kinds of situations. For family outings, the ergonomic seats and stability are very reassuring for when you are far from the beach. And for serious paddling and exploring, solo, or two - up, its very low draught, hull design and wide rear storage area are really useful for getting where you want, wherever that is, for going further, faster. The "Fishing" version has a hull shape and fittings to make sure you always have successful fishing trips. And as a final bonus, the Trinidad can be fitted with a small electric motor to give it even more possibilities.Key Features of the Bic Trinidad Kayak: Integrated footrests Safety grab lines Seat EVA foam cushioning Front EVA foam cushioning Drink holder Inserts for backrests Abrasion protector Carry handles Mooring straps Self-draining scuppers x 4 - $663.95