BIC Sport ACS Stand Up Paddleboard - 10' 4" - 2012 Special Buy - $639.73

Afraid of making the wrong kind of splash in your paddling debut? The Bic Sport ACS 10 ft. 4 in. stand up paddleboard offers great stability so you end up dry, not dripping wet, after your first try. 10 ft. 4 in. length and 31 in. width offers very good maneuverability without sacrificing stability; it tracks well in flatwater. A foam core encased in thermoformed polyethylene offers excellent durability and high flotation. Padded deck supplies reliable wax-free traction when paddling in the standing or kneeling position, and it increases comfort on long paddles. 10 in. single fin promotes straight tracking in the water. Integrated carry handle on deck makes toting the 35 lb. Bic Sport ACS stand up paddleboard quick and easy. Special buy. - $639.73